Bike MS


2015 ....
was a great year for riding. 

 It was HOT...nothing new for this event.
I'm proud to say that again, we rode just over 100 miles as a team of 3.
My husband is in the photo above leading the way with me drafting as often as possible, followed by our buddy Josh.  He was the youngest of our group at 17.
I'm honored to be a part of the Bike MS event and to help spread awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.  

We did it again!  After a long, hot summer and many training miles (thanks Big Joe!) We were able to complete our 6th MS Bike event.  The heat got the best of me on Saturday and I fizzled out at the lunch rest stop...what a place to drop, right?  Good food and some music and a trip back home.  I will admit I was quite discouraged that I wasn't able to do a Century ride that day, but...I gave it my best shot....then we got ready for day two!
September 2014 Bike MS, New Bern, NC
On day two...again with the help of my amazingly patient husband we rode a lovely 50 mile route.
The weather was much nicer and my body was much more cooperative that day.
So...we rode 100 miles and raised over $1,500 between the two of us.
I'm pretty proud of THAT!
We've already been talking about how we can achieve our fund raising goals for next year.
'til then...thanks for letting me share.  

Day Two Bike MS 2014  New Bern, NC

2014 will be our 6th year participating in the Bike MS event in beautiful downtown New Bern, North Carolina.  

To read more about my participation in this event, gather information about MS or to make a donation click HERE

Donna K - Big Joe - Cass Baes
In 2013 I completed my very first Century and raised over $1,000 in donations for the National MS Society.  I'm pretty proud of this event and I hope you'll support me with your encouragement and prayers as I prepare for another journey in September 2014.  Thanks to my husband for his tireless efforts in helping me train.  He is my motivator and my strength when I need a push.  

Big Joe & Donna K at the Finish Line 2013
      2012 Bike MS - New Bern North Carolina
       Thank you for the support and encouragement this year.  
                                       Let's CRUSH MS!
In honor of Jeannie Jo Bell-Nichols

Baes Family
Our Double Century Riders in Action

2011 Bike MS - New Bern, North Carolina
REST Stop!
Our lovely daughter, Cassandra

Pedal, Pedal 2010…Our third year of Bike MS
Big Joe & Donna K 2010
My trusty Fuji

2007 My First Bike MS Event

Thanks to my dear friend Connie Morris and my boss Dr. Ellis Muther for introducing us to this event.
Dr. Muther, Connie, Donna K

Big Joe & Donna K