Hot Fun in the Summer Time

When I was little...a LONG time ago, I Lurvedddd the 4th of July.
We had sparklers, picnics and the town next to the small town I grew up in always had a carnival and fireworks.  We went every single year that I can remember as a little girl and once when we were home on leave (my hubby and I grew up in the same town) we took our kids.

I will admit, sparklers were my favorite.

Sparklers and my next favorite were those kooky, wormy things that didn't really do a darn thing but wiggle around....lame....I know. 
So...when I was browsing the local dollar store I picked up a pack of 6 sparklers, yep...for a buck.

I made these cute little tags with a tag die and stamp set I purchased from MFT - Pure Innocence Line.  
Tied up two boxes with a pretty, patriotic ribbon and some baker's twine from the Twinery and viola!

She's cute, don't you think?

The little boy is actually a Stamp from MFT - Pure Innocence Ring Bearer.  I thought it would be ok to use him and just dress him in a red white and blue suit for the occasion. 

I think my nephew will be happy with him.

So...as you can see with this post, party favors can be simple and inexpensive.
Adding something as personal as a little tag makes it extra special.  

I hope you have fun memories of Independence Day.  
If not, maybe you can create some for the special people in your life.

Thanks for taking time to visit my blog today....stay tuned for a Guest Post coming soon!

~Donna K

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Guest Blogger

Since I'm not the greatest at blogging and sometimes I just have no idea what to say I decided to invite a guest blogger.  Soooo.......Stay tuned for a special post!  I'm having my first "guest blogger" this week!  ~ Thanks Lauren!


Acrylic Photo Frame / Note Pad Holder

Looking for a fun way to use those bent photo frames?  

You can pick these up just about any where, but this particular site had a great deal on their frames.  
Check out JAC's / www.wholesaleNC.com.  

4X6 Bent Acrylic Frame

They are located in NC 
and these frames are American Made!  

Once you get your frame...any size works for this project.  Well...almost any, I'd recommend a smaller frame 4X6"
 or smaller to prevent hogging up your entire desktop! 

Yes...I said hogging up. 

I really liked this bicycle paper that I had on hand.  I used scraps for this project too, the largest piece is the same size as the frame 4X6.  

I prefer to use double sided paper so the back of the frame is pretty too.

I'll give you the list of supplies you'll need for this project.  

Thanks for letting me ramble this morning.  
Be happy and CREATE something beautiful. 

~Donna K

4X6" Frame
Post It Note Pad
1 4X6" piece of designer card stock
1 piece of plain card stock 3 1/2" & 7 " for your post it cover
 (score at 3 1/4", flip and score again 3 1/4")
1 piece 3" X 3 1/4" solid cardstock
1 piece 2 3/4" X 3" printed cardstock

Ribbon (optional)
2" round circle
1 3/4"  scallop punched circle
1 1/2" round punched circle with sentiment
rhinestones or other embellishments


I {heart} My Dad

Did you realize that Father's Day is June 17th?  I did....and if you're reading this, now you know too!

I worked for Hallmark for several years and if you've ever worked in retail you know that we prepare for upcoming holidays MONTHS in advance.  As a card designer I try to stay ahead of the game, but that doesn't always happen.   This year I did pretty good with Father's Day.  
 I created a few cards, but this one is my favorite.

It was inspired by my dad who served in the Army and who I miss very much. 

 Also inspired by my son who is an active duty soldier.   (not a dad..... yet)  

I used my favorite card base, craft card stock.  Layered red and gold mat for the camouflage paper square.
Added a metal US ARMY embellishment.  Hand stamped the I {heart} my dad sentiment and added the pop up square with the hand punched heart.  Finished it off with a yellow bow.  Like all of my cards this one is also lined in white and it is blank inside, leaving room for your note to dad.  

Thanks for letting me share with you on this beautiful Friday morning!  

until next time...



Front Door Continued....

Hey Y'all...

Who would have ever thought that a door project would take SO long to complete??????  Certainly not me.  The deal is, my dear sweet hubby spent three days, sanding, painting, then another coat...then another...andddd another in the Eastern NC humidity.  It finally was dry enough to hang.  We left the original hardware.  We debated.... actually,  he didn't debate...he liked the original...I debated with myself.  Now that the door is up, I can't decide if I like it or not, it just needs....something.

My sister (RaSonda@Lake Cottage Dreams) shared a link with me to a blog called Living in Cypress Hill which had a door project going on as well so I pop over there and find a very similar situation, however...if you read Misti's post she did a few things different so I'm tempted to follow her lead and try her technique with the black paint.  Thing is...I'm soooo scared!  Am I the only one who gets *scared* at home improvement projects?  I think not...have you been in this situation and what ever did you do?

An after pic with the storm door open.  
I know a beautiful wreath would do wonders, but I still find myself saying...ehhhh, not so sure. 

Ok, time to get busy on some stationery orders I have pending!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are.

Talk soon,  DonnaK