Little Monsters and Creepy Crawlies

Halloween is right around the corner...sort of.  School starts this week in our area and shortly after that we'll be seeing the fall decorations up.  I've noticed them in the stores for weeks now.  That is one thing I DON'T miss about working retail.  As a Hallmark manager we were constantly getting ready for the holiday, or even the following one so I rarely had time to enjoy the current holiday.

Now that I'm home, in my own little space I can enjoy the events coming up.  I really have fun making little goodies for my nieces and nephews who live far away.  I came up with a few things that were fun and not too difficult.

This is a photo frame I picked up at Mike's a while back.  I have several of these tucked away and have promised myself to use them up this holiday season.   These are great for any occasion.

I added some green acrylic flat paint in green.  A wooden mummy embellishment, some ribbon and I stamped the sentiment in orange craft ink.  I attached the ribbon on the back as well so you can hang this lil guy if you prefer.  Otherwise it's great on a desk top in a photo holder or small easel.  

I also had some fun with 3x3 note cards.  Perfect for tucking away in a lunch sack or goodie bag. 

The paper has google eyeballs in black and green.  I colored the "monsters" with Copic pens, added some crystal effects on the eyes and tongue to shine 'em up.  Attached a button with black string, stamped the inside with "Happy Halloween" and then...last but not least.  I created coordinating envelopes.  they are lined at the stop with the same designer paper.  

A fun and simple fall craft.  

Thank you for taking an interest in my post today.  If you'd like more information on directions for cutting the envelopes to go with these cards please let me know and I'll be happy to send them your way.    

Happy Haunting!   DonnaK

DISLCAIMER:  I do not pretend to be a great photographer, but let me just tell you that my camera has been in the shop for a month now and I used my iPhone for these photos!  I think the pics are "ok" but sure miss my good ole Rebel XTI!  Hurry it UP, Best Buy!


Trick or Treat Peek

It has been a wild and wacky summer at the Baes house.  As I sat at the pool today, I listened to the young life guard talk about how she only had one more day left because she was going back to school next week! I was astounded at just how fast this summer has flown by.  I guess that's why I was in the mood to create a few fun fall goodies this morning.  Here's a quick peek at what I am working on....can you guess what it is?

I took this picture with my iPhone.  I love my little phone but I sure miss my "real" camera.  

Stay tuned for more ghouls and goblins!  


Just a thought or two...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with crafts....(or does it?)  The summer is flying by at such a speed I cannot keep up no matter what.  I haven't had the time that I normally would like to spend on creating.  Sometimes I get discouraged about it, just a tad.  After all it is my "hobby"...I say that with a giggle because my other "hobby" is buying crafting supplies!

I've been training for a big ride that is coming up in September.  The MS 150 in historic downtown New Bern is something that I have done for a few years now.  I am now up to riding 20- 25 miles 3-5 times a week.  WOW...I'm impressed with myself.  I feel stronger but not skinnier, how can that be?  Ugh....  

When I'm on my bicycle tooling around our quiet little neighborhood it gives me so much time to think.  About the list of to-do's that I have.  About crafting.   About my children.  About spiritual things.  I guess I've used this time to meditate and refresh my mind and my heart.  It has been nice....my goal is to keep up the cycling and use it as a way to keep my body healthy and my mind fresh.    

Yesterday, after my ride and lunch with my beautiful daughter...I took a little trip up to the pool.   PERFECT.    Today is a repeat of yesterday, minus the pool...but here's a cool pic I took on my phone.  

Today is a new day and I hope yours is beautiful.   ~DonnaK