Welcome Summer Contest

It has been HOT, HOT, HOT in Eastern NC...I'm thinking...let's cool off inside and do some online shopping!

Since I just love a contest...this is a Welcome Summer contest that I hope that YOU will enjoy!  **Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.**

Here's your chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Melissa Samuels. She has some awesome deals along with the most wonderfully creative ideas!   Click here to see what I'm talking about!

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1. Tell me your most favorite online craft store or blog.

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The winner will be chosen at random and I will announce it on June 13.



On May 6th we loaded up the Xterra, bicycle, kayaks, guitar AND sombreros.  We headed up to Michigan for my baby sister's graduation from Indiana University at South Bend.  What a great occasion for my family to get together and celebrate.  It seems that every summer since 2002, our oldest son Andrew's high school graduation, we have had a reason to celebrate.  

This year we celebrate RaSonda!  She's my youngest sister and one of my best friends in the entire world.

I wanted something besides a traditional "congrats grad" card for her.  So I came up with this one.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

I used a Papertrey stamp set, borrowed from my friend Dawn.  The paper is Sophie Rose.  I love that collection of goodies, wish I had one of EACH piece.

The ink is Stampin' Up, chocolate chip.  Added a button and some goldenrod twine and there it is.  The sentiment is for sure true in the case of my baby sister.  She has accomplished a lot, with a lot of hard work.

Congratulations RaSonda and all those graduates of 2011 who have  MADE IT!

The Gang at Stone Lake  May 2011


Little Things Mean a Lot {{ Photo Heavy }}

Recently I had the opportunity to do some moving around at my house.  With the help of my awesome daughter, we emptied out the guest room and put on a fresh coat of paint.  And more paint over the boo boos we made...and more paint...did I say more paint?   It was quite an adventure.  Lucky for me I have a patient hubby who has a great reach and a steady hand to touch up all the ceiling areas that needed some attention.

This studio space is small, but it means a lot to me.  I often browse sites and admire and sometimes envy the spaces I see.  It's all ok in the long run though, because I have a quiet, cheery, homey little place to put my ideas into motion.  I had all of my "stuff" in the dining room for 2 years so this is a big deal at my house.

Thanks for stopping by today and for listening to me go on about my "space"...here's a peek at the before, during and after.

My inspiration...  BEACH.  I've had a photo of the Pier that my son Joey took a few years ago on my profile since day one and that picture will soon be added to my studio/guest room.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy living on the coast and spending time at the beach.  It only makes sense that I'd have a bit of the beach in my creative space.

My Color is LIMEADE.
The photos I took do not do it justice.  I have always said, I love taking pictures, but I need to take a class because I am just not all that good at it.

Before:  The room at the time of moving in back in 2006.  EEKS!  Yes, that is some sort of crazy primer orange on the trim.  I will be nice...but I can't imagine what the previous owners were thinking with their color choices....

Of course I can't find the pictures I had of the room after it was painted and made into just the guest room. Drat...However, you can see the color we had up most recently before the limeade.Especially in contrast with the current color.  See...way up there in the corner?  It's called Almond Oil.

I just LOVE the shelf.  It holds all my clear stamps and lots of other goodies in the baskets.  I put them together according to manufacturer so they would be easier to find.  The ones on the bottom have been put into CD cases for easy storage.  I snagged these baskets at Michael's a few weeks ago on sale....and got to use a coupon too!  Gotta love Mikes  sometimes.

I have made the "guest room" dresser into storage for my tins, wooden pieces and all the other goodies that I collect.  I always say to myself...."Oh wow, how cool would that be? I better get several!"
Tins and alterables and stuff...OH MY!

The Closet

 I added the wire shelving in the closet for more organization.  I have my note pads, mailing materials and even my photos in there.  The bottom has two carts that were intended to be kitchen microwave carts which ended up being perfect for my cricut and cuttlebug.  There's plenty of storage for paper on the bottom..
IKEA...LOVE THIS UNIT.  Perfect for keeping my punches and so much more.  It's also on wheels so I can move it fairly easy if I need to.  It is quite heavy and very sturdy.  

Wooden Stamps

Punches & Metal Embellishments

Wall Art...This frame holds some very special treasures.  I love it...Pier One if you're curious.  They also come in white.  
My little TV...yes, it's old, that's ok, so am I!  

Where I sit...I can't believe it's this clean.  Not for long!

Ink and Copics
Ribbons and Magazines


Keeping Calm

I have been seeing the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On  EVERYWHERE lately.  It all started for me when my creative partner in crime purchased a stamp that said...  "Keep Calm and Carry On" one day when we were out shopping.  From there it led to a composition journal that she created. That then became topic of conversation at the craft show when Carol was explaining the meaning of the saying.  I looked it up for myself on Wikipidia and you can read more about it by clicking HERE.  

The more I see it, the more I like it and just so happened that I picked up one of the stamps myself with a little urging from you know who....

Last week we were on vacation with family and I've been itching to get into my studio to make something new and late last night I came up with this little spiral note pad.

The paper is My Mind's Eye and goes perfectly with the stamp, don't you think?  I added the Key {K & Company} and the beige ribbon and there you have it.  The ink is Stampin Up Chocolate Chip ink spot.  

I wanted to give some of the history of the saying and when I was looking for the link, don't you know I was a tad bit surprised to see that the poster they had on the site was also red?  Cool, huh?!

Thanks once again, Dawn for being an inspiration.  AND the beautiful paper that was used to create this project.

Enjoy your day today.  I'm back to the studio to clean up and try to get some photos for the next post.

When things seem tough...just remember...Keep Calm and Carry On!



Life is a HIghway {warning...long post}

Does the title of this post make you think of a song?  "Life is a Highway....I'm gonna ride it all night long."  Aren't you glad you can't hear my voice...if not, you better be.  I'm no singer.

This post is dedicated to a few very important things going on in my life this coming week.  As we travel the highway to our family and friends in Michigan/Indiana we always have lots of time to talk, sing, snack...nap...snack...did I say snack?  I think I may gain anywhere from 3-5 lbs in a 15 hour span!  Lucky we don't do these trips all that much...lucky for my waistline anyway!

Once we arrive at our destination, we'll have the evening to get settled in and unpack for the week and rest up from the trip.  We awaken to the birthday of our daughter, the lovely Miss Cassandra Aileen Baes, who  turns 23 on May 7th.  I don't think there could have been any bigger blessing than her birth (other than her BROTHERS of course) but hers fell near Mother's Day back in 1988 too so you can imagine my joy to have a baby girl as our third child.

My daughter.  The soft spoken, sweet spirit who has brightened my life and is my sunshine.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  May your life be eternally happy and blessed!

On to the next event.  Yes, I am going on a bit in this post, sorry.  I am having withdrawals since my last post and wanted to be sure to get all my thoughts down since I was in the "talking" mood.

The next "event" of the weekend is my anniversary.  Oh yes, I was a mere baby back in 1982 when I married that tall handsome kid, who became the man of my dreams.  We kind of grew up together so to speak.  Both of us right out of high school, determined to marry and run off to Okinawa and live like "grown-ups" in our own little apartment.   After many years, three kids and lots of military moves here we are.  I couldn't ask for more, when I say my life is blessed, it really is.

I love you, Big Joe!  Happy Anniversary.

Ok, ok...NEXT.

Happy Mother's Day!  Yep, again...what a great weekend.  See, I wasn't kiddin' ya!  I will say, right here on this blog for whoever to read (or perhaps no one but myself!)...My life wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for being the mother of my three wonderful children.  Who are now adults.  I love you, each of you.... to the moon and back again!

To my Mom...thank you.  I love you....

We share the same birthday and have also grown up together.  I know you've sacrificed a lot and taught me so very much.  You are my friend as well as my mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Uh oh........there's MORE!  Lastly...for this post...the reason for the trip at this time is...my baby sister is graduating...uhhh....college?  YES, COLLEGE!  Congratulations RaSonda!!  I'm so proud of you for so many reasons.  All of those sleepless nights, busy days, three kids, a dog, a cat and a husband...and YOU DID IT!  I'm so honored to be part of your special day.  Three Cheers for the graduate!  Tuesday is your big day and I just can't wait!

So, that sums up my weekend, folks.  If you read all of this you're probably thinking that you know more about my life than necessary, but that's ok.  I like to talk, to share and also to read about other peoples' lives as well, that's what blogging is all about, right?  If you're fortunate enough to have your mom with you this weekend, hug her, thank her and just love her.  She will appreciate it more than you know.  

~Peace....  May you find it in the little things.